Argentina vs Brazil results

Argentina and Brazil played each other in the international matches under FIFA 113 times in soccer history. Argentina 41 games and Brazil won 46 games in their all-time meeting including tie scores here listed below.

Brazil leading the all-time series 46-41-26.

Argentina vs Brazil20 Sep 19143-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil27 Sep 19140-1 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil10 Jul 19161-1 (Tied)
Argentina vs Brazil27 Sep 19160-1 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil03 Oct 19174-2 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina18 May 19193-1 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina01 Jun 19193-3 (Tied)
Brazil vs Argentina25 Sep 19200-2 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil12 Oct 19203-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil02 Oct 19211-0 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina15 Oct 19222-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina22 Oct 19222-1 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil18 Nov 19232-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil02 Dec 19230-2 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil09 Dec 19232-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil13 Dec 19254-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil25 Dec 19252-2 (Tied)
Argentina vs Brazil30 Jan 19371-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil01 Feb 19372-0 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina15 Jan 19391-5 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina22 Jan 19393-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina18 Feb 19402-2 (Tied)
Brazil vs Argentina25 Feb 19400-3 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil05 Mar 19406-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil10 Mar 19402-3 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil17 Mar 19405-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil17 Jan 19422-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil15 Feb 19453-1 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina16 Dec 19453-4 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina20 Dec 19456-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina23 Dec 19453-1 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil10 Feb 19462-0 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina05 Feb 19561-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina18 Mar 19562-2 (Tied)
Argentina vs Brazil08 Jul 19560-0 (Tied)
Brazil vs Argentina05 Dec 19561-2 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil03 Apr 19573-0 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina07 Jul 19571-2 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina10 Jul 19572-0 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil04 Apr 19591-1 (Tied)
Argentina vs Brazil22 Dec 19594-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil13 Mar 19602-1 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina20 Mar 19601-0 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil25 May 19604-2 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil29 May 19601-4 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina12 Jul 19605-1 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina03 Feb 19620-0 (Tied)
Argentina vs Brazil24 Mar 19633-0 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina13 Apr 19632-3 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina16 Apr 19635-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina03 Jun 19640-3 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina07 Sep 19643-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina09 Jun 19650-0 (Tied)
Brazil vs Argentina07 Aug 19684-1 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina11 Aug 19683-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina04 Mar 19700-2 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina08 Mar 19702-1 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil28 Jul 19711-1 (Tied)
Argentina vs Brazil31 Jul 19712-2 (Tied)
Argentina vs Brazil30 Jun 19741-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina06 Aug 19752-1 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil16 Aug 19750-1 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil27 Feb 19761-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina19 May 19762-0 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil18 Jun 19780-0 (Tied)
Brazil vs Argentina02 Aug 19792-1 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil23 Aug 19792-2 (Tied)
Argentina vs Brazil04 Jan 19811-1 (Tied)
Brazil vs Argentina02 Jul 19823-1 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil24 Aug 19831-0 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina14 Sep 19830-0 (Tied)
Brazil vs Argentina17 Jun 19840-0 (Tied)
Brazil vs Argentina05 May 19852-1 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil10 Jul 19880-0 (Tied)
Brazil vs Argentina12 Jul 19892-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina24 Jun 19900-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil27 Mar 19913-3 (Tied)
Brazil vs Argentina27 Jun 19911-1 (Tied)
Brazil vs Argentina17 Jul 19912-3 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil18 Feb 19931-1 (Tied)
Brazil vs Argentina27 Jun 19931-1 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina24 Mar 19942-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina17 Jul 19952-2 (Tied)
Argentina vs Brazil08 Nov 19950-1 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina29 Apr 19980-1 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina11 Jul 19992-1 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil04 Sep 19992-0 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina07 Sep 19994-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina26 Jul 20003-1 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil05 Sep 20012-1 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina02 Jun 20043-1 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil25 Jul 20042-2 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil08 Jun 20053-1 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina29 Jun 20054-1 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina03 Sep 20063-0 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil15 Jul 20070-3 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina18 Jun 20080-0 (Tied)
Argentina vs Brazil05 Sep 20091-3 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil17 Nov 20101-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil14 Sep 20110-0 (Tied)
Brazil vs Argentina28 Sep 20112-0 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil09 Jun 20124-3 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina20 Sep 20122-1 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil21 Nov 20122-1 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina11 Oct 20142-0 (Brazil)
Argentina vs Brazil13 Nov 20151-1 (Tied)
Brazil vs Argentina10 Nov 20163-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina09 Jun 20170-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Brazil16 Oct 20180-1 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina02 Jul 20192-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Argentina15 Nov 20190-1 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina10 Jul 20210-1 (Argentina)
Brazil vs Argentina05 Sep 2021
Argentina vs Brazil16 Nov 20210-0 (Tied)

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