Argentina vs Uruguay results

Argentina and Uruguay played each other in the international matches under FIFA 192 times in soccer history. Argentina 90 games and Uruguay won 57 games in their all-time meeting including tie scores here listed below.

Argentina leading the all-time series 90-57-45.

Uruguay vs Argentina16 May 19012-3 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina20 Jul 19020-6 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay13 Sep 19032-3 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Aug 19050-0 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina15 Aug 19060-2 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay21 Oct 19062-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Aug 19072-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina06 Oct 19071-2 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina15 Aug 19082-2 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay13 Sep 19082-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay04 Oct 19080-1 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Aug 19092-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina19 Sep 19092-2 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay10 Oct 19093-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay12 Jun 19104-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina15 Aug 19103-1 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay13 Nov 19101-1 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay27 Nov 19102-6 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Aug 19110-2 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina17 Sep 19112-3 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina08 Oct 19111-1 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay22 Oct 19112-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina29 Oct 19113-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina15 Aug 19122-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina25 Aug 19123-0 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay22 Sep 19120-1 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay06 Oct 19123-3 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina01 Dec 19121-3 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Jun 19131-1 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay09 Jul 19132-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina13 Jul 19135-4 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Aug 19134-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay31 Aug 19132-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina05 Oct 19131-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina26 Oct 19131-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina30 Aug 19143-2 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay13 Sep 19142-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina18 Jul 19152-3 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Aug 19152-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina12 Sep 19152-0 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay17 Jul 19160-0 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Aug 19162-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Aug 19163-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay01 Oct 19167-2 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina01 Oct 19160-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina29 Oct 19163-1 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina18 Jul 19170-2 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Aug 19171-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina02 Sep 19171-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina14 Oct 19171-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina18 Jul 19181-1 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina28 Jul 19183-1 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Aug 19180-0 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay25 Aug 19182-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina20 Sep 19181-1 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay29 Sep 19182-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay13 May 19192-3 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina18 Jul 19194-1 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina24 Aug 19192-1 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay07 Sep 19191-2 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay19 Oct 19196-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina07 Dec 19194-2 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina18 Jul 19202-0 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay25 Jul 19201-3 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay08 Aug 19201-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay12 Sep 19201-1 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay30 Oct 19211-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay22 Jan 19221-3 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina08 Oct 19221-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina12 Nov 19221-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina10 Dec 19221-0 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay17 Dec 19222-2 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay24 Jun 19230-0 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Jul 19232-2 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina22 Jul 19232-2 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina30 Sep 19230-2 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina02 Dec 19232-0 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay08 Dec 19232-3 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay25 May 19244-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina25 May 19242-0 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay10 Aug 19240-0 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina31 Aug 19242-3 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina21 Sep 19241-1 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay28 Sep 19240-0 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay02 Oct 19242-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina02 Nov 19240-0 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina16 Nov 19240-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina24 Oct 19262-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina14 Jul 19270-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay29 Aug 19270-1 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay20 Nov 19273-2 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay30 Aug 19281-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina21 Sep 19282-2 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina16 Jun 19291-1 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay16 Jun 19292-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina20 Sep 19292-1 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay28 Sep 19290-0 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay17 Nov 19292-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay25 May 19301-1 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina30 Jul 19304-2 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 May 19322-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina18 May 19321-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina21 Jan 19332-1 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay05 Feb 19334-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina14 Dec 19330-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina18 Jul 19342-2 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Aug 19341-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina27 Jan 19353-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina18 Jul 19351-1 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Aug 19353-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay09 Aug 19361-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina20 Sep 19362-1 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay23 Jan 19372-3 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina10 Oct 19370-3 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay11 Nov 19375-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay18 Jun 19381-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina12 Oct 19382-3 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina18 Jul 19403-0 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Aug 19405-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay23 Feb 19411-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina07 Feb 19421-0 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay25 May 19424-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina12 Aug 19421-1 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay28 Mar 19433-3 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina04 Apr 19430-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina29 Jan 19442-1 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay29 Jan 19446-2 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay25 Feb 19451-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina18 Jul 19452-2 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Aug 19456-2 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay02 Feb 19463-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay28 Dec 19473-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay27 Mar 19556-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina15 Feb 19561-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina01 Jul 19561-2 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina10 Oct 19561-2 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay14 Nov 19562-2 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay20 Mar 19574-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina23 May 19570-0 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay05 Jun 19571-1 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina06 Apr 19581-0 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay30 Apr 19582-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay30 Mar 19594-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina16 Dec 19595-0 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay17 Aug 19604-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina13 Mar 19621-1 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay15 Aug 19623-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina02 Feb 19671-0 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay05 Jun 19682-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina20 Jun 19682-1 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay08 Apr 19702-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina15 Apr 19702-1 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay14 Jul 19711-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina18 Jul 19711-1 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay06 Jul 19721-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay17 May 19731-1 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina23 May 19731-1 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina18 Jul 19752-3 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay08 Apr 19764-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina09 Jun 19760-3 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina25 Apr 19782-0 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay03 May 19783-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina18 Jul 19841-0 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay02 Aug 19840-0 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay16 Jun 19861-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay30 Nov 19861-1 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina09 Jul 19871-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina08 Jul 19890-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay14 Jul 19890-2 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Argentina23 Sep 19920-0 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina12 Jan 19970-0 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay12 Oct 19970-0 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay07 Jul 19992-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay08 Oct 20002-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina14 Nov 20011-1 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay16 Jul 20032-2 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Argentina20 Aug 20032-3 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay13 Jul 20044-2 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay09 Oct 20044-2 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina12 Oct 20051-0 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay11 Oct 20082-1 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina14 Oct 20090-1 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay16 Jul 20111-1 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay12 Oct 20123-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina15 Oct 20133-2 (Uruguay)
Argentina vs Uruguay16 Jun 20151-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay02 Sep 20161-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina31 Aug 20170-0 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay18 Nov 20192-2 (Tied)
Argentina vs Uruguay18 Jun 20211-0 (Argentina)
Argentina vs Uruguay10 Oct 20213-0 (Argentina)
Uruguay vs Argentina12 Nov 20210-1 (Argentina)

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