2022 Belgium World Cup Current Squad

No.2 FIFA World Rank Belgium football led by Roberto Martinez and announces 26 man squad for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar on 10 November 2022. For the 15 times, Belgium participated in the World Cup 2022. Belgium last World Cup 2018 3rd Place winner. Belgium men’s national football play against Group F with Croatia, Morocco, and Canada in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Who is holding the captaincy?

Eden Hazard is the current captain of the Belgium men’s national football team.

Here we have rounded up everything about Belgium who is the goalkeeper today, defender, forward, striker, and midfield position you need to know.


Simon MignoletG346′ 4″192 lbsBelgium
Thibaut CourtoisG306′ 7″212 lbsBelgium
Koen CasteelsG306′ 6″172 lbsBelgium

Outfield Players

Toby AlderweireldD336′ 1″179 lbsBelgium
Jan VertonghenD356′ 2″172 lbsBelgium
Thomas MeunierD316′ 3″196 lbsBelgium
Leander DendonckerD276′ 2″183 lbsBelgium
Timothy CastagneD266′ 1″174 lbsBelgium
Wout FaesD246′ 2″183 lbsBelgium
Arthur TheateD226′ 3″179 lbsBelgium
Zeno DebastD196′ 3″161 lbsBelgium
Kevin De BruyneM315′ 11″150 lbsBelgium
Thorgan HazardM295′ 9″157 lbsBelgium
Axel WitselM336′ 1″179 lbsBelgium
Yannick CarrascoM296′ 1″161 lbsBelgium
Youri TielemansM255′ 9″159 lbsBelgium
Hans VanakenM306′ 5″170 lbsBelgium
Charles De KetelaereM216′ 4″161 lbsBelgium
Amadou OnanaM216′ 4″168 lbsBelgium
Dries MertensF355′ 7″132 lbsBelgium
Eden HazardF315′ 9″161 lbsBelgium
Romelu LukakuF296′ 3″203 lbsBelgium
Michy BatshuayiF296′ 0″168 lbsBelgium
Leandro TrossardF275′ 7″132 lbsBelgium
Loïs OpendaF225′ 9″163 lbsBelgium
Jérémy DokuF205′ 7″146 lbsBelgium

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