Brazil national football team

When we are talking about the Brazil national football team, it means a nation of men’s teams that plays football at the international level under their governing body Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). Brazil’s has no specific national football stadium but they have multi-purposes venues that are use for all sports.

Brazil is the most popular national team in the FIFA World Cup and being topped champion five times. It is the only national team to have played in all World Cup editions without any deficiency nor need for playoffs and the only national team to have won the World Cup on four different continents. In FIFA’s ranking system, Brazil is the top recorded first ranking team wins in the world. Brazil has many rivals due to its successes, with notable rivalries with Argentina, Italy, Germany, and more.

Brazil is based in the CONMEBOL confederation in South America. Tite is the current head coach and the team has no fixed captain.

Brazil qualified for the FIFA World Cup 22 times first appears in 1930. This team is currently ranked in the 1st position in the FIFA ranking and is one of the most successful teams in South America and in the World cup, Copa America, Panamerican Championship, FIFA Confederations Cup and more.

Here we have listed everything about Brazil’s national football team you need to know.

Head coachTite
FIFA Ranking1st