Brazil vs Mexico results

Brazil and Mexico played each other in the international matches under FIFA 41 times in soccer history. Brazil 24 games and Mexico won 10 games in their all-time meeting including tie scores here listed below.

Brazil leading the all-time series 24-10-7.

Brazil vs Mexico24 Jun 19504-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Mexico06 Apr 19522-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Mexico16 Jun 19545-0 (Brazil)
Mexico vs Brazil08 Mar 19561-2 (Brazil)
Mexico vs Brazil06 Mar 19602-2 (Tied)
Brazil vs Mexico15 Mar 19602-1 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Mexico30 May 19622-0 (Brazil)
Mexico vs Brazil07 Jul 19680-2 (Brazil)
Mexico vs Brazil10 Jul 19682-1 (Mexico)
Brazil vs Mexico31 Oct 19681-2 (Mexico)
Brazil vs Mexico03 Nov 19682-1 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Mexico30 Sep 19702-1 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Mexico31 Mar 19741-1 (Tied)
Mexico vs Brazil04 Jun 19760-3 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Mexico08 Jun 19802-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Mexico12 Dec 19900-0 (Tied)
Mexico vs Brazil31 Jul 19920-5 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Mexico08 Aug 19931-1 (Tied)
Mexico vs Brazil16 Dec 19930-1 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Mexico21 Jan 19960-2 (Mexico)
Brazil vs Mexico30 Apr 19974-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Mexico16 Jun 19973-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Mexico16 Dec 19973-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Mexico03 Jul 19992-1 (Brazil)
Mexico vs Brazil14 Jul 19990-2 (Brazil)
Mexico vs Brazil04 Aug 19994-3 (Mexico)
Mexico vs Brazil07 Mar 20013-3 (Tied)
Brazil vs Mexico12 Jul 20010-1 (Mexico)
Mexico vs Brazil30 Apr 20030-0 (Tied)
Mexico vs Brazil13 Jul 20031-0 (Mexico)
Mexico vs Brazil27 Jul 20031-0 (Mexico)
Brazil vs Mexico18 Jul 20044-0 (Brazil)
Mexico vs Brazil19 Jun 20051-0 (Mexico)
Brazil vs Mexico27 Jun 20070-2 (Mexico)
Brazil vs Mexico12 Sep 20073-1 (Brazil)
Mexico vs Brazil11 Oct 20111-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Mexico03 Jun 20120-2 (Mexico)
Brazil vs Mexico19 Jun 20132-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Mexico17 Jun 20140-0 (Tied)
Brazil vs Mexico07 Jun 20152-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Mexico02 Jul 20182-0 (Brazil)

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