Brazil vs Uruguay results

Brazil and Uruguay played each other in the international matches under FIFA 78 times in soccer history. Brazil 40 games and Uruguay won 21 games in their all-time meeting including tie scores here listed below.

Brazil leading the all-time series 40-21-17.

Uruguay vs Brazil12 Jul 19162-1 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Brazil18 Jul 19160-1 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil07 Oct 19174-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Brazil16 Oct 19173-1 (Uruguay)
Brazil vs Uruguay25 May 19192-2 (Tied)
Brazil vs Uruguay29 May 19191-0 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil18 Sep 19206-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Brazil23 Oct 19212-1 (Uruguay)
Brazil vs Uruguay01 Oct 19220-0 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Brazil25 Nov 19232-1 (Uruguay)
Brazil vs Uruguay06 Sep 19312-0 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil04 Dec 19321-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay19 Jan 19373-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay24 Mar 19403-4 (Uruguay)
Brazil vs Uruguay31 Mar 19401-1 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Brazil24 Jan 19421-0 (Uruguay)
Brazil vs Uruguay14 May 19446-1 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay17 May 19444-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay07 Feb 19453-0 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil05 Jan 19464-3 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Brazil09 Jan 19461-1 (Tied)
Brazil vs Uruguay23 Jan 19464-3 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil29 Mar 19470-0 (Tied)
Brazil vs Uruguay01 Apr 19473-2 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil04 Apr 19471-1 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Brazil11 Apr 19484-2 (Uruguay)
Brazil vs Uruguay30 Apr 19495-1 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay06 May 19503-4 (Uruguay)
Brazil vs Uruguay14 May 19503-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay17 May 19501-0 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil16 Jul 19502-1 (Uruguay)
Brazil vs Uruguay16 Apr 19524-2 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil15 Mar 19530-1 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil10 Feb 19560-0 (Tied)
Brazil vs Uruguay24 Jun 19562-0 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil28 Mar 19573-2 (Uruguay)
Brazil vs Uruguay26 Mar 19593-1 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil12 Dec 19593-0 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Brazil09 Jul 19601-0 (Uruguay)
Brazil vs Uruguay07 Sep 19653-0 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil25 Jun 19670-0 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Brazil28 Jun 19672-2 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Brazil01 Jul 19671-1 (Tied)
Brazil vs Uruguay09 Jun 19682-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay12 Jun 19684-0 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil17 Jun 19701-3 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil25 Feb 19761-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay28 Apr 19762-1 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay31 May 19795-1 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay27 Aug 19801-0 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil10 Jan 19812-1 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Brazil27 Oct 19832-0 (Uruguay)
Brazil vs Uruguay04 Nov 19831-1 (Tied)
Brazil vs Uruguay21 Jun 19841-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay02 May 19852-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay16 Jul 19891-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay11 Jul 19911-1 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Brazil30 Apr 19921-0 (Uruguay)
Brazil vs Uruguay26 Nov 19921-2 (Uruguay)
Uruguay vs Brazil15 Aug 19931-1 (Tied)
Brazil vs Uruguay19 Sep 19932-0 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil23 Jul 19951-1 (Uruguay)
Brazil vs Uruguay11 Oct 19952-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay18 Jul 19993-0 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay28 Jun 20001-1 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Brazil01 Jul 20011-0 (Uruguay)
Brazil vs Uruguay18 Nov 20033-3 (Tied)
Brazil vs Uruguay21 Jul 20041-1 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil30 Mar 20051-1 (Tied)
Brazil vs Uruguay10 Jul 20072-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay21 Nov 20072-1 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil06 Jun 20090-4 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay26 Jun 20132-1 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay25 Mar 20162-2 (Tied)
Uruguay vs Brazil24 Mar 20171-4 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay16 Nov 20181-0 (Brazil)
Uruguay vs Brazil17 Nov 20200-2 (Brazil)
Brazil vs Uruguay14 Oct 20214-1 (Brazil)

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