Ecuador national football team

Football is Ecuador’s national game and also a title among football-crazy people of the country. Ecuador is one of the most troubled football countries in South America. Despite its past injustices, Ecuador has become a serious rival to South America in recent years. Juan Alfredo Wright gave the gift of football to Ecuador.

On 23 April 1899, he and his brother Roberto launched the original Ecuadorian football squad, On 8 August 1938; Guayaquil Sports Club played their first game and drew with Bolivia. After finishing fourth at the 1959 South American Championships, the team entered the race ahead of the World Cup for the first time. Ecuador lost 2-0 to Italy in their 2002 World Cup. Augustine Delgado scored in his country’s first World Cup. Ecuador had a strong start to the 2018 World
Cup qualifiers, but lost to Uruguay.

Team Ecuador uniforms preserve the colors of the national flag, usually with yellow tops, blue shorts, and red socks. The Ecuadorian national team is governed by the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF). They joined FIFA in 1926 and CONMEBOL a year later.