2022 Ecuador World Cup Current Squad

Ecuador Football Head coach Gustavo Alfaro announces 26-man squad for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar on 11 November 2022. Ecuador will 4 times participate in the FIFA World Cup. Last World Cup 2018 Ecuador team did not qualify. Ecuador will meet against Senegal, Qatar, and the Netherlands in Group A of the 2022 World Cup competition.

Who is holding the captaincy?

Enner Valencia is the current captain of the Ecuador men’s national football team.

Here we have rounded up everything about Ecuador who is the goalkeeper today, defender, forward, striker, and midfield position you need to know.


Jorge PinosG326′ 0″174 lbsEcuador
Hernan GalindezG356′ 2″196 lbsEcuador
Wellington RamírezG216′ 2″150 lbsEcuador

Outfield Players

Luis Fernando LeónD286′ 0″172 lbsEcuador
Robert ArboledaD306′ 2″172 lbsEcuador
Xavier ArreagaD276′ 0″163 lbsEcuador
Pervis EstupiñánD245′ 9″161 lbsEcuador
Byron CastilloD235′ 7″130 lbsEcuador
Félix TorresD256′ 2″172 lbsEcuador
Angelo PreciadoD245′ 8″161 lbsEcuador
Diego PalaciosD225′ 7″150 lbsEcuador
Piero HincapiéD206′ 0″146 lbsEcuador
Danny Cabezas BazanM295′ 9″174 lbsEcuador
Carlos GruezoM265′ 8″157 lbsEcuador
Sebastián MéndezM245′ 9″159 lbsEcuador
Joao Rojas LópezM245′ 8″137 lbsEcuador
José CifuentesM235′ 9″152 lbsEcuador
Alan FrancoM235′ 9″161 lbsEcuador
Gonzalo PlataM215′ 10″141 lbsEcuador
Moises CaicedoM205′ 10″161 lbsEcuador
Michael CarcelenM246′ 2″174 lbsEcuador
Renato IbarraF315′ 9″150 lbsEcuador
Enner ValenciaF325′ 9″161 lbsEcuador
Romario IbarraF275′ 9″161 lbsEcuador
Ángel MenaF345′ 7″152 lbsEcuador
Michael EstradaF256′ 1″190 lbsEcuador
Djorkaeff ReascoF235′ 8″Ecuador
Jeremy SarmientoF19Ecuador
Jordy Caicedo26F246′ 1″181 lbsEcuador

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