English Premier League 2022 live stream online

The English Football League (EFL) operates the English Premier League since 1992. There are 20 professional England and Wales football clubs compete for the EFL Championship.

English Premier League starts on August 2021 and ends in May 2022. All teams play 38 home and away matches in the season. The Premier League live stream is available on Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC Sport. Here is how to watch English Premier League live stream guide.

The Premier League is one of the most-watched leagues in the world. This is because of the exciting teams and plays that the league offers. The games can be played every weekend or mid-week depending on the international games and other competitions that may affect the schedules.

This season the Premier League is back bigger and better with bigger players coming into various teams. Manchester City brought in Grealish to better their performance while Chelsea, the European Giants brought in Romelu Lukaku to aid in winning the Premier League and possibly retaining the Champions League too. But how do you catch all these actions live in Europe? Read on to find out various ways you may watch the Premier League live.

Sky Sports

Sky sports is popular for airing the Premier league games throughout the season. It has a special page for all Premier League games; thus, you can watch all 128 games. Sky sport has amazing packages starting from $48. However, you may get a $22 package if you already have a Sky Tv subscription.

BT Sport

BT Sport is another home for the premier league action. You may have to sign up with BT by taking the BT broadband. This way, you may be able to see whatever details and packages they offer regarding the Premier League action. BT Sport also has an app that works on any android and iPhone. This may help you while on the move.

Prime Video

Amazon’s streaming services have improved over the years and can now stream Premier league games. You may watch over a website or the Prime Video app on various devices like mobile phones and laptops.

How to stream in the UK

The UK is the home of the Premier league. However, not all games are streamed here. Unlike the UK where only 200 games are streamed live via Sky Sports, BT Sports, and Prime Video, the United States and Australia can stream all 380 games live.

Sky sports is more reliable in the United Kingdom than the rest since it brings 128 games from all 380. This is better off comparing with the rest of the live streaming platforms.

How to stream in the United States

The premier league fans can watch all 380 games via NBC sports. This is a reliable sports channel in the US since it airs all games. NBC, NBC Sports Network, and CNBC share the streaming services, with NBC Sports Network getting the majority of the services.

How to stream in the rest of Europe

Countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are even luckier than the home of the Premier League since they can stream all Premier league games. In Canada, fans may stream through DAZN or use a VPN to stream the games.

In Australia, Premier League fans may stream via Optus Sport which has an app that suits all mobile phones and devices. New Zealanders may stream the league through Spark Sport which offers free trails for the first games. Spark sport is available on web browsers.