France vs Belgium results

France and Belgium played each other in the international matches under FIFA 75 times in soccer history. France 26 games and Belgium won 30 games in their all-time meeting including tie scores here listed below.

Belgium leading the all-time series 30-26-19.

Belgium vs France01 May 19043-3 (Tied)
Belgium vs France07 May 19057-0 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium22 Apr 19060-5 (Belgium)
Belgium vs France21 Apr 19071-2 (France)
France vs Belgium12 Apr 19081-2 (Belgium)
Belgium vs France09 May 19095-2 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium03 Apr 19100-4 (Belgium)
Belgium vs France30 Apr 19117-1 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium28 Jan 19121-1 (Tied)
Belgium vs France16 Feb 19133-0 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium25 Jan 19144-3 (France)
Belgium vs France09 Mar 19192-2 (Tied)
France vs Belgium28 Mar 19202-1 (France)
Belgium vs France06 Mar 19213-1 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium15 Jan 19222-1 (France)
Belgium vs France25 Feb 19234-1 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium13 Jan 19242-0 (France)
Belgium vs France11 Nov 19243-0 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium11 Apr 19264-3 (France)
Belgium vs France20 Jun 19262-2 (Tied)
France vs Belgium15 Apr 19282-3 (Belgium)
Belgium vs France26 May 19294-1 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium13 Apr 19301-6 (Belgium)
Belgium vs France25 May 19301-2 (France)
France vs Belgium07 Dec 19302-2 (Tied)
Belgium vs France01 May 19325-2 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium26 Mar 19333-0 (France)
Belgium vs France21 Jan 19342-3 (France)
Belgium vs France14 Apr 19351-1 (Tied)
France vs Belgium08 Mar 19363-0 (France)
Belgium vs France21 Feb 19373-1 (Tied)
France vs Belgium30 Jan 19385-3 (France)
France vs Belgium05 Jun 19383-1 (France)
Belgium vs France18 May 19391-3 (France)
France vs Belgium24 Dec 19443-1 (France)
Belgium vs France15 Dec 19452-1 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium01 Jun 19474-2 (France)
Belgium vs France06 Jun 19484-2 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium17 Oct 19483-3 (Tied)
Belgium vs France04 Jun 19504-1 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium01 Nov 19503-3 (Tied)
Belgium vs France22 May 19521-2 (France)
France vs Belgium25 Dec 19520-1 (Belgium)
Belgium vs France30 May 19543-3 (Tied)
France vs Belgium11 Nov 19542-2 (Tied)
Belgium vs France25 Dec 19552-1 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium11 Nov 19566-3 (France)
Belgium vs France27 Oct 19570-0 (Tied)
France vs Belgium01 Mar 19592-2 (Tied)
Belgium vs France28 Feb 19601-0 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium15 Mar 19611-1 (Tied)
Belgium vs France18 Oct 19613-0 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium25 Dec 19631-2 (Belgium)
Belgium vs France02 Dec 19643-0 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium20 Apr 19660-3 (Belgium)
Belgium vs France11 Nov 19662-1 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium28 Oct 19671-1 (Tied)
Belgium vs France15 Nov 19701-2 (France)
Belgium vs France12 Oct 19742-1 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium15 Nov 19750-0 (Tied)
France vs Belgium29 Apr 19813-2 (France)
Belgium vs France09 Sep 19812-0 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium31 May 19831-1 (Tied)
France vs Belgium16 Jun 19845-0 (France)
Belgium vs France28 Jun 19862-4 (France)
France vs Belgium25 Mar 19923-3 (Tied)
Belgium vs France27 Mar 19960-2 (France)
Belgium vs France27 May 19980-1 (France)
France vs Belgium18 May 20021-2 (Belgium)
Belgium vs France18 Feb 20040-2 (France)
France vs Belgium15 Nov 20110-0 (Tied)
Belgium vs France14 Aug 20130-0 (Tied)
France vs Belgium07 Jun 20153-4 (Belgium)
France vs Belgium10 Jul 20181-0 (France)
Belgium vs France07 Oct 20212-3 (France)

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