France vs Spain results

France and Spain played each other in the international matches under FIFA 36 times in soccer history. France 16 games and Spain won 13 games in their all-time meeting including tie scores here listed below.

Spain leading the all-time series 16-13-7.

France vs Spain30 Apr 19220-4 (Spain)
Spain vs France28 Jan 19233-0 (Spain)
France vs Spain22 May 19271-4 (Spain)
Spain vs France14 Apr 19298-1 (Spain)
France vs Spain23 Apr 19331-0 (France)
Spain vs France24 Jan 19352-0 (Spain)
Spain vs France15 Mar 19424-0 (Spain)
France vs Spain19 Jun 19491-5 (Spain)
Spain vs France17 Mar 19551-2 (France)
France vs Spain13 Mar 19582-2 (Tied)
France vs Spain17 Dec 19594-3 (France)
Spain vs France02 Apr 19612-0 (Spain)
France vs Spain10 Dec 19611-1 (Tied)
Spain vs France09 Jan 19630-0 (Tied)
France vs Spain17 Oct 19681-3 (Spain)
Spain vs France17 Mar 19712-2 (Tied)
France vs Spain08 Nov 19781-0 (France)
Spain vs France18 Feb 19811-0 (Spain)
France vs Spain05 Oct 19831-1 (Tied)
France vs Spain27 Jun 19842-0 (France)
France vs Spain23 Mar 19882-1 (France)
France vs Spain20 Feb 19913-1 (France)
Spain vs France12 Oct 19911-2 (France)
France vs Spain15 Jun 19961-1 (Tied)
France vs Spain28 Jan 19981-0 (France)
France vs Spain25 Jun 20002-1 (France)
Spain vs France28 Mar 20012-1 (Spain)
Spain vs France27 Jun 20061-3 (France)
Spain vs France06 Feb 20081-0 (Spain)
France vs Spain03 Mar 20100-2 (Spain)
Spain vs France23 Jun 20122-0 (Spain)
Spain vs France16 Oct 20121-1 (Tied)
France vs Spain26 Mar 20130-1 (Spain)
France vs Spain04 Sep 20141-0 (France)
France vs Spain28 Mar 20170-2 (Spain)
Spain vs France10 Oct 20211-2 (France)

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