France vs Switzerland results

France and Switzerland played each other in the international matches under FIFA 39 times in soccer history. France 16 games and Switzerland won 13 games in their all-time meeting including tie scores here listed below.

France leading the all-time series 16-13-10.

France vs Switzerland12 Feb 19051-0 (France)
Switzerland vs France08 Mar 19081-2 (France)
Switzerland vs France23 Apr 19115-2 (Switzerland)
France vs Switzerland18 Feb 19124-1 (France)
Switzerland vs France09 Mar 19131-4 (France)
France vs Switzerland08 Mar 19142-2 (Tied)
Switzerland vs France29 Feb 19200-2 (France)
France vs Switzerland22 Apr 19232-2 (Tied)
Switzerland vs France23 Mar 19243-0 (Switzerland)
France vs Switzerland25 Apr 19261-0 (France)
Switzerland vs France11 Mar 19284-3 (Switzerland)
France vs Switzerland23 Mar 19303-3 (Tied)
Switzerland vs France20 Mar 19323-3 (Tied)
France vs Switzerland11 Mar 19340-1 (Switzerland)
Switzerland vs France27 Oct 19352-1 (Switzerland)
France vs Switzerland10 Oct 19372-1 (France)
France vs Switzerland08 Mar 19420-2 (Switzerland)
Switzerland vs France08 Apr 19451-0 (Switzerland)
Switzerland vs France08 Jun 19471-2 (France)
France vs Switzerland04 Jun 19494-2 (France)
Switzerland vs France14 Oct 19511-2 (France)
France vs Switzerland11 Nov 19532-4 (Switzerland)
Switzerland vs France09 Oct 19551-2 (France)
France vs Switzerland16 Apr 19580-0 (Tied)
Switzerland vs France12 Oct 19606-2 (Switzerland)
France vs Switzerland11 Nov 19632-2 (Tied)
Switzerland vs France03 May 19702-1 (Switzerland)
Switzerland vs France23 Apr 19770-4 (France)
Switzerland vs France19 Aug 19862-0 (Switzerland)
France vs Switzerland02 Feb 19882-1 (France)
Switzerland vs France27 May 19922-1 (Switzerland)
Switzerland vs France20 Aug 20030-2 (France)
Switzerland vs France21 Jun 20041-3 (France)
France vs Switzerland26 Mar 20050-0 (Tied)
Switzerland vs France08 Oct 20051-1 (Tied)
France vs Switzerland13 Jun 20060-0 (Tied)
Switzerland vs France20 Jun 20142-5 (France)
Switzerland vs France19 Jun 20160-0 (Tied)
France vs Switzerland28 Jun 20213-3 (Switzerland)

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