Ghana vs Morocco results

Ghana and Morocco played each other in the international matches under FIFA 12 times in soccer history. Ghana 3 games and Morocco won 6 games in their all-time meeting including tie scores here listed below.

Morocco leading the all-time series 6-3-3.

Ghana vs Morocco02 Apr 19610-0 (Tied)
Morocco vs Ghana28 May 19611-0 (Morocco)
Morocco vs Ghana13 Jun 19752-0 (Morocco)
Ghana vs Morocco29 Jun 19752-0 (Ghana)
Morocco vs Ghana16 Mar 19801-0 (Morocco)
Ghana vs Morocco12 Jan 19972-2 (Tied)
Morocco vs Ghana08 Jun 19971-0 (Morocco)
Ghana vs Morocco21 Jan 20020-0 (Tied)
Ghana vs Morocco08 Sep 20072-0 (Ghana)
Ghana vs Morocco28 Jan 20082-0 (Ghana)
Morocco vs Ghana08 Jun 20211-0 (Morocco)
Morocco vs Ghana10 Jan 20221-0 (Morocco)

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