How to Watch 2022 World Cup Live on Kodi

Kodi was developed especially for streaming movies and popular sports. It is a great sea of entertainment. When local tv channels do not broadcast all of the matches. If you want to enjoy the 2022 world cup direct live on Kodi from anywhere in the world.

Using Kodi addons to stream copyrighted content gets you into legal trouble & stream your favorite matches live stream on Kodi. Follow the guide that is helpful for enjoying unlimited entertainment.

In this guide, we are advise you on how to installation of Kodi and you will need to install some unofficial add-ons. You will need to install the android application on your Android TV or Android Box and one Kodi add-on inside the Kodi player.

You should install 3 addons:

  1. Install Plexus Kodi add-on, return and continue with the last step.
  2. Install Acestream Engine add-on, return and continue with the next step
  3. Install Not Sure Kodi Add-on, return to this page and continue with the instructions below.

How to watch 2022 World Cup football live streams on Kodi

  • You have installed 3 addons properly that are required for streaming on Kodi. (Plexus Kodi addon, Acestream Engine, and Not Sure Kodi Addon)
  • At first run, Acestream Engine in the background open up the Kodi application and you have configured Plexus addon for Kodi usage. Open Not sure Kodi addon and go to Sports Center.
  • Browse to Reddit Streams
  • Choose SoccerStreams
  • Search your World Cup match from that list and click OK
  • In the list of streams for each game, you should choose only the links that start with acestream:// in their name