2022 Japan Current Squad

Japan national football team in the 2022 Qatar World Cup as a qualified team from the AFC confederation. After the draw, the nation is set in Group E to compete against Spain, Germany, and CONCACAF–OFC winners.

Who is the current head coach of Japan?

Hajime Moriyasu is the current head coach for the team.

Who is holding the captaincy?

Maya Yoshida is the current captain of the Japan men’s national football team.

Here we have rounded up everything about Japan who is the goalkeeper today, defender, forward, striker, and midfield position you need to know.


Eiji KawashimaG396′ 1″181 lbsJapan
Shuichi GondaG336′ 2″183 lbsJapan
Daniel SchmidtG306′ 6″192 lbsJapan
Kosei TaniG216′ 3″183 lbsJapan

Outfield Players

Maya YoshidaD336′ 2″172 lbsJapan
Yuto NagatomoD355′ 7″150 lbsJapan
Naomichi UedaD276′ 1″170 lbsJapan
Sho SasakiD325′ 10″152 lbsJapan
Shogo TaniguchiD306′ 0″163 lbsJapan
Shinnosuke NakataniD266′ 0″172 lbsJapan
Yuta NakayamaD255′ 11″152 lbsJapan
Miki YamaneD285′ 10″159 lbsJapan
Gaku ShibasakiM295′ 9″139 lbsJapan
Genki HaraguchiM305′ 10″150 lbsJapan
Ao TanakaM235′ 11″150 lbsJapan
Takefusa KuboM205′ 8″148 lbsJapan
Hidemasa MoritaM265′ 10″161 lbsJapan
Reo HatateM245′ 7″152 lbsJapan
Takumi MinaminoF275′ 9″150 lbsJapan
Takuma AsanoF275′ 8″157 lbsJapan
Junya ItoF295′ 9″146 lbsJapan
Ayase UedaF236′ 0″168 lbsJapan
Kaoru MitomaF245′ 10″159 lbsJapan
Daichi HayashiF245′ 10″161 lbsJapan

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