Morocco vs Tunisia results

Morocco and Tunisia played each other in the international matches under FIFA 10 times in soccer history. Morocco 14 games and Tunisia won 8 games in their all-time meeting including tie scores here listed below.

Morocco leading the all-time series 14-8-24.

Morocco vs Tunisia23 Oct 19573-1 (Morocco)
Morocco vs Tunisia30 Oct 19602-1 (Morocco)
Tunisia vs Morocco13 Nov 19602-1 (Tunisia)
Tunisia vs Morocco22 Jan 19611-1 (Tied)
Tunisia vs Morocco15 Jun 19634-1 (Tunisia)
Morocco vs Tunisia02 Jul 19634-2 (Morocco)
Morocco vs Tunisia25 Sep 19631-0 (Morocco)
Tunisia vs Morocco28 Feb 19650-0 (Tied)
Morocco vs Tunisia14 Mar 19650-0 (Tied)
Morocco vs Tunisia02 May 19650-1 (Tunisia)
Morocco vs Tunisia18 Mar 19661-0 (Morocco)
Tunisia vs Morocco27 Apr 19690-0 (Tied)
Morocco vs Tunisia17 May 19690-0 (Tied)
Morocco vs Tunisia13 Jun 19692-2 (Tied)
Morocco vs Tunisia01 Oct 19743-1 (Morocco)
Morocco vs Tunisia02 Mar 19750-0 (Tied)
Morocco vs Tunisia31 Aug 19750-0 (Tied)
Tunisia vs Morocco06 Sep 19751-1 (Tied)
Morocco vs Tunisia12 Dec 19761-1 (Tied)
Tunisia vs Morocco09 Jan 19771-1 (Tunisia)
Tunisia vs Morocco06 Mar 19781-1 (Tied)
Morocco vs Tunisia27 Feb 19800-0 (Tied)
Tunisia vs Morocco08 Jun 19800-1 (Morocco)
Morocco vs Tunisia27 Sep 19812-2 (Tied)
Tunisia vs Morocco23 Mar 19831-0 (Tunisia)
Morocco vs Tunisia31 Jul 19832-0 (Morocco)
Morocco vs Tunisia07 Aug 19852-2 (Tied)
Tunisia vs Morocco22 Jan 19892-1 (Tunisia)
Morocco vs Tunisia13 Aug 19890-0 (Tied)
Tunisia vs Morocco09 Aug 19900-0 (Tied)
Tunisia vs Morocco20 Dec 19921-1 (Tied)
Morocco vs Tunisia28 Feb 19930-0 (Tied)
Morocco vs Tunisia03 Jan 19963-1 (Morocco)
Tunisia vs Morocco29 Jan 20000-0 (Tied)
Tunisia vs Morocco13 Jan 20010-1 (Morocco)
Morocco vs Tunisia25 Mar 20012-0 (Morocco)
Tunisia vs Morocco11 Oct 20030-0 (Tied)
Tunisia vs Morocco14 Feb 20042-1 (Tunisia)
Morocco vs Tunisia04 Sep 20041-1 (Tied)
Tunisia vs Morocco08 Oct 20052-2 (Tied)
Morocco vs Tunisia07 Feb 20071-1 (Tied)
Morocco vs Tunisia23 Jan 20121-2 (Tunisia)
Morocco vs Tunisia15 Jun 20151-1 (Tied)
Tunisia vs Morocco25 Oct 20152-3 (Morocco)
Morocco vs Tunisia28 Mar 20171-0 (Morocco)
Tunisia vs Morocco20 Nov 20180-1 (Morocco)

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