2022 Netherlands World Cup Current Squad

The Netherlands is No.8 FIFA World Rank. Netherlands Football Head coach Louis van Gaal announces 26 man’s final squad for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar on 11 November 2022. For the 3 times, Netherlands will Runners-up in the FIFA World Cup. Netherlands did not qualify last World Cup 2018. Netherlands will meet against Ecuador, Senegal, and Qatar in Group A of the 2022 World Cup competition.

Who is holding the captaincy?

Virgil van Dijk is the current captain of the Mexico men’s national football team.

Here we have rounded up everything about the Netherlands who is the goalkeeper today, defender, forward, striker, and midfield position you need to know.


Remko PasveerG396′ 2″192 lbsNetherlands
Justin BijlowG246′ 2″168 lbsNetherlands
Andries NoppertG286′ 8″205 lbsNetherlands

Outfield Players

Jurriën TimberD215′ 10″172 lbsNetherlands
Matthijs de LigtD236′ 2″194 lbsNetherlands
Virgil van DijkD316′ 4″203 lbsNetherlands
Nathan AkeD275′ 11″163 lbsNetherlands
Stefan de VrijD306′ 2″172 lbsNetherlands
Tyrell MalaciaD235′ 7″148 lbsNetherlands
Daley BlindD325′ 11″159 lbsNetherlands
Denzel DumfriesD266′ 2″174 lbsNetherlands
Jeremie FrimpongD215′ 7″139 lbsNetherlands
Davy KlaassenM295′ 10″152 lbsNetherlands
Marten de RoonM316′ 1″168 lbsNetherlands
Teun KoopmeinersM246′ 0″170 lbsNetherlands
Frenkie de JongM255′ 11″161 lbsNetherlands
Kenneth TaylorM206′ 0″163 lbsNetherlands
Xavi SimonsM195′ 6″128 lbsNetherlands
Steven BergwijnF255′ 10″172 lbsNetherlands
Cody GakpoF235′ 10″168 lbsNetherlands
Luuk de JongF326′ 2″190 lbsNetherlands
Memphis DepayF285′ 9″172 lbsNetherlands
Steven BerghuisF306′ 0″163 lbsNetherlands
Noa LangF235′ 10″152 lbsNetherlands
Vincent JanssenF286′ 0″172 lbsNetherlands
Wout WeghorstF306′ 6″183 lbsNetherlands

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