Netherlands vs Germany Results

Netherlands and Germany played each other in international matches under FIFA 45 times in soccer history. Netherlands 12 games and Germany won 16 games in their all-time meeting including tie scores here listed below.

Germany leading the all-time series 16-12-17.

24 Apr 1910Netherlands vs Germany4-2 (Netherlands)
16 Oct 1910Germany vs Netherlands1-2 (Netherlands)
24 Mar 1912Netherlands vs Germany5-5 (Tied)
17 Nov 1912Germany vs Netherlands2-3 (Netherlands)
05 Apr 1914Netherlands vs Germany4-4 (Tied)
13 May 1923Germany vs Netherlands0-0 (Tied)
21 Apr 1924Netherlands vs Germany0-1 (Germany)
29 Mar 1925Netherlands vs Germany2-1 (Netherlands)
18 Apr 1926Germany vs Netherlands4-2 (Germany)
31 Oct 1926Netherlands vs Germany2-3 (Germany)
20 Nov 1927Germany vs Netherlands2-2 (Tied)
26 Apr 1931Netherlands vs Germany1-1 (Tied)
04 Dec 1932Germany vs Netherlands0-2 (Netherlands)
17 Feb 1935Netherlands vs Germany2-3 (Germany)
31 Jan 1937Germany vs Netherlands2-2 (Tied)
14 Mar 1956West Germany vs Netherlands1-2 (Netherlands)
03 Apr 1957Netherlands vs Germany1-2 (Germany)
21 Oct 1959West Germany vs Netherlands7-0 (Germany)
23 Mar 1966Netherlands v West Germany2-4 (Germany)
07 Jul 1974Germany vs Netherlands2-1 (Germany)
17 May 1975West Germany vs Netherlands1-1 (Tied)
18 Jun 1978Germany vs Netherlands2-2 (Tied)
20 Dec 1978West Germany vs Netherlands3-1 (Germany)
14 Jun 1980Germany vs Netherlands3-2 (Germany)
11 Oct 1980Netherlands v West Germany1-1 (Tied)
14 May 1986West Germany vs Netherlands3-1 (Germany)
21 Jun 1988Germany vs Netherlands1-2 (Netherlands)
19 Oct 1988West Germany vs Netherlands0-0 (Tied)
26 Apr 1989Netherlands v West Germany1-1 (Tied)
24 Jun 1990Germany vs Netherlands2-1 (Germany)
18 Jun 1992Netherlands vs Germany3-1 (Netherlands)
24 Apr 1996Netherlands vs Germany0-1 (Germany)
18 Nov 1998Germany vs Netherlands1-1 (Tied)
23 Feb 2000Netherlands vs Germany2-1 (Netherlands)
20 Nov 2002Germany vs Netherlands1-3 (Netherlands)
15 Jun 2004Germany vs Netherlands1-1 (Tied)
17 Aug 2005Netherlands vs Germany2-2 (Tied)
15 Nov 2011Germany vs Netherlands3-0 (Germany)
13 Jun 2012Netherlands vs Germany1-2 (Germany)
14 Nov 2012Netherlands vs Germany0-0 (Tied)
13 Oct 2018Netherlands vs Germany3-0 (Netherlands)
19 Nov 2018Germany vs Netherlands2-2 (Tied)
24 Mar 2019Netherlands vs Germany2-3 (Germany)
06 Sep 2019Germany vs Netherlands2-4 (Netherlands)
29 Mar 2022Netherlands vs Germany1-1 (Tied)

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