2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Round of 16 Schedule

The 2023 Women’s World Cup knockout stage starts with the round of 16 matches from Saturday 5th August to Tuesday 8 August, including a total of 8 matches in the competition. The round of 16 participants in 16 national teams who are qualified from the group stage and play for the next round of the Quater final begins on August 11-12, 2023.

8 Teams reached the quarter-final and qualified 4 teams were selected for the next round of semi-finals. Two semi-final games are played on August 15-16. Two Semi-final winners play each other in the FIFA Women’s World Cup championship game on Sunday, August 20. And two semi-final losers played 3rd place playoff matches on Saturday, August. 19, 2023.

2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Round of 16 TV Schedule

DateGamesTime (AEST)Location
Saturday, August. 51A vs 2C3:00 PMEden Park, Auckland
Saturday, August. 51C vs 2A6:00 PMSky Stadium, Wellington
Sunday, August. 61E vs 2G12:00 PMAllianz Stadium, Sydney
Sunday, August. 61G vs 2E7:00 PMAAMI Park, Melbourne
Monday, August. 71D vs 2B5:30 PMSuncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Monday, August. 71B vs 2D8:30 PMAccor Stadium, Sydney
Tuesday, August. 81H vs 2F6:00 PMAAMI Park, Melbourne
Tuesday, August. 81F vs 2H9:00 PMHindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide

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