Saudi Arabia vs Japan results

Saudi Arabia and Japan played each other in the international matches under FIFA 18 times in soccer history. Saudi Arabia 6 games and Japan won 11 games in their all-time meeting including tie scores here listed below.

Saudi Arabia leading the all-time series 11-6-1.

Saudi Arabia vs Japan06 Sep 19823-0 (Arabia)
Saudi Arabia vs Japan28 Sep 19902-0 (Arabia)
Japan vs Saudi Arabia08 Nov 19921-0 (Japan)
Saudi Arabia vs Japan15 Oct 19930-0 (Tied)
Japan vs Saudi Arabia24 Oct 19952-1 (Japan)
Japan vs Saudi Arabia28 Oct 19952-1 (Japan)
Japan vs Saudi Arabia28 Oct 19962-1 (Japan)
Japan vs Saudi Arabia14 Oct 20004-1 (Japan)
Japan vs Saudi Arabia29 Oct 20001-0 (Japan)
Saudi Arabia vs Japan03 Sep 20061-0 (Arabia)
Japan vs Saudi Arabia15 Nov 20063-1 (Japan)
Japan vs Saudi Arabia25 Jul 20072-3 (Arabia)
Saudi Arabia vs Japan17 Jan 20110-5 (Japan)
Japan vs Saudi Arabia15 Nov 20162-1 (Japan)
Saudi Arabia vs Japan05 Sep 20171-0 (Arabia)
Japan vs Saudi Arabia21 Jan 20191-0 (Japan)
Saudi Arabia vs Japan07 Oct 20211-0 (Arabia)
Japan vs Saudi Arabia01 Feb 20222-0 (Japan)

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