Serbia national football team

When we are talking about the Serbia national football team, it means a nation of men’s team that plays football at the international level under their governing body Football Association of Serbia, in Serbia. Serbia have no specific national stadium for football but they have multi-purposes stadiums where they play in Serbia.

Serbia is based in the UEFA confederation in Europe. Dragan Stojkovic is the current head coach and Dusan Tadic is the captain of the team.

Serbia qualified for the FIFA World Cup 12 times first appears in 1930. This team is currently ranked in the 25th position in the FIFA ranking and is one of the most successful teams in Europe and in the World cup, UEFA European Championship, and more.

Here we have listed everything about Serbia’s national football team you need to know.

Head coachDragan Stojkovic
CaptainDusan Tadic
FIFA rank25