2022 Switzerland Current Squad

Switzerland national football team in the 2022 Qatar World Cup as a qualified team from the UEFA confederation. After the draw, the nation is set in Group G to compete against Cameroon, Serbia, and Brazil.

Who is the current head coach of Switzerland?

Murat Yakin is the current head coach for the team.

Who is holding the captaincy?

Granit Xhaka is the current captain of the Switzerland men’s national football team.

Here we have rounded up everything about Switzerland who is the goalkeeper today, defender, forward, striker, midfield position you need to know.


David Von BallmoosG276′ 4″192 lbsSwitzerland
Jonas OmlinG286′ 2″174 lbsSwitzerland
Gregor KobelG246′ 5″192 lbsSwitzerland

Outfield Players

Ricardo RodríguezD295′ 11″172 lbsSwitzerland
Silvan WidmerD296′ 0″172 lbsSwitzerland
Kevin MbabuD266′ 0″183 lbsSwitzerland
Nico ElvediD256′ 2″179 lbsSwitzerland
Manuel AkanjiD266′ 2″201 lbsSwitzerland
Eray CömertD246′ 0″174 lbsSwitzerland
Jordan LotombaD235′ 10″157 lbsSwitzerland
Fabian FreiM336′ 0″174 lbsSwitzerland
Steven ZuberM306′ 0″172 lbsSwitzerland
Xherdan ShaqiriM305′ 7″159 lbsSwitzerland
Granit XhakaM296′ 1″181 lbsSwitzerland
Remo FreulerM305′ 11″174 lbsSwitzerland
Renato SteffenM305′ 7″141 lbsSwitzerland
Djibril SowM256′ 0″168 lbsSwitzerland
Michel AebischerM256′ 0″161 lbsSwitzerland
Ruben VargasM235′ 10″150 lbsSwitzerland
Noah OkaforM216′ 1″185 lbsSwitzerland
Mario GavranovicF325′ 9″168 lbsSwitzerland
Breel EmboloF256′ 2″192 lbsSwitzerland
Andi ZeqiriF225′ 11″159 lbsSwitzerland

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