United States vs Mexico results

United States and Mexico played each other in the international matches under FIFA 76 times in soccer history. United States 23 games and Mexico won 38 games in their all-time meeting including tie scores here listed below.

Mexico leading the all-time series 38-23-15.

USA vs Mexico24 May 19344-2 (USA)
Mexico vs USA12 Sep 19377-2 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA19 Sep 19377-3 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA26 Sep 19375-1 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico13 Jul 19470-5 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA04 Sep 19496-0 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA18 Sep 19496-2 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA10 Jan 19544-0 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA14 Jan 19543-1 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA07 Apr 19576-0 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico28 Apr 19572-7 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico06 Nov 19603-3 (Tied)
Mexico vs USA13 Nov 19603-0 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico07 Mar 19652-2 (Tied)
Mexico vs USA12 Mar 19652-0 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA03 Sep 19723-1 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico10 Sep 19721-2 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA16 Oct 19732-0 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA05 Sep 19743-1 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico08 Sep 19740-1 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA24 Aug 19752-0 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA25 Aug 19758-0 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico03 Oct 19760-0 (Tied)
Mexico vs USA15 Oct 19763-0 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA27 Sep 19773-0 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA05 Oct 19773-0 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA09 Nov 19805-1 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico23 Nov 19802-1 (USA)
Mexico vs USA17 Oct 19842-1 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico12 Mar 19912-2 (Tied)
USA vs Mexico05 Jul 19912-0 (USA)
Mexico vs USA25 Jul 19934-0 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico13 Oct 19931-1 (Tied)
USA vs Mexico04 Jun 19941-0 (USA)
USA vs Mexico18 Jun 19954-0 (USA)
USA vs Mexico17 Jul 19950-0 (USA)
USA vs Mexico16 Jun 19962-2 (Tied)
USA vs Mexico20 Jan 19970-2 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico20 Apr 19972-2 (Tied)
Mexico vs USA02 Nov 19970-0 (Tied)
USA vs Mexico15 Feb 19980-1 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico13 Mar 19991-2 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA01 Aug 19991-0 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico11 Jun 20003-0 (USA)
USA vs Mexico25 Oct 20002-0 (USA)
USA vs Mexico28 Feb 20012-0 (USA)
Mexico vs USA01 Jul 20011-0 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico03 Apr 20021-0 (USA)
Mexico vs USA17 Jun 20020-2 (USA)
USA vs Mexico08 May 20030-0 (Tied)
USA vs Mexico29 Apr 20041-0 (USA)
Mexico vs USA27 Mar 20052-1 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico03 Sep 20052-0 (USA)
USA vs Mexico07 Feb 20072-0 (USA)
USA vs Mexico24 Jun 20072-1 (USA)
USA vs Mexico06 Feb 20082-2 (Tied)
USA vs Mexico11 Feb 20092-0 (USA)
USA vs Mexico26 Jul 20090-5 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA12 Aug 20092-1 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico25 Jun 20112-4 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico10 Aug 20111-1 (Tied)
Mexico vs USA15 Aug 20120-1 (USA)
Mexico vs USA26 Mar 20130-0 (Tied)
USA vs Mexico10 Sep 20132-0 (USA)
USA vs Mexico02 Apr 20142-2 (Tied)
USA vs Mexico15 Apr 20152-0 (USA)
USA vs Mexico10 Oct 20152-3 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico11 Nov 20161-2 (Mexico)
Mexico vs USA11 Jun 20171-1 (Tied)
USA vs Mexico11 Sep 20181-0 (USA)
Mexico vs USA07 Jul 20191-0 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico06 Sep 20190-3 (Mexico)
USA vs Mexico06 Jun 20213-2 (USA)
USA vs Mexico01 Aug 20211-0 (USA)
USA vs Mexico12 Nov 20212-0 (USA)
Mexico vs USA24 Mar 20220-0 (Tied)

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