2022 World Cup approves 26-man squads

Football Council has approved for Qatar World Cup 2022 tournament final squad increased to at least 23 and highest of 26 players are playing in this year. Previously, coaches were allowed for national team 23 players each tournament.

Last year’s European Championship adding 3 players to the generic World Cup roster follows UEFA doing the same. Last year South America’s 28-player squads were approved for the Copa America tournament and the January Africa Cup of Nations.

The extra numbers help the coaches of the 32 national teams cope with possible outbreaks of virus situations. that means additional players are already joining health protocols within the camp in Qatar rather than being brought from their home country.

The player squad size will change by a total of 96 extra players for the World Cup, which is being played from November 21 to December 18. Extra players will come from European clubs to join at 2022 World Cup. When domestic football seasons must be stopped by November 13, 2022, for the World Cup in Qatar.

The tournament kicks off 1-week squads will preparation about two weeks. In 2022 World Cup $209 million dollars fund will be created for releasing players to national-team duty.

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