World Cup 2022 tickets prices

World Cup 2022 tickets

The Arab World is ready to welcome football fans for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Get your prestigious football event in the world ‘Qatar World Cup 2022 tickets now! If you enjoy attending a biggy football match, you can find it in this article. List of all football games of the World Cup 2022 allowing your tickets price.

FIFA has been decided ticket prices for the World Cup into four categories.

  • Category 1
  • Category 2
  • Category 3
  • Category 4

The first 3 categories will be available for the fans only, via online tickets sale all over the world. Qatar residents only use category 4.

What do World Cup 2022 tickets price?

Category 1 is the most expensive price, and Category 4 is the cheapest price only for Qatar residents. (the 2nd price is Category 1 and the 1st is Category 4).

MatchPrice $
Opening Match$54.85-$301.68
Group Match$10.97-$219.40
Round of 16$19.20-$274.26
Third-place Match$82.28-$425.10
Final Match$205.69-$1,604.39

How to Purchase World Cup 2022 tickets:

You can purchase include all applicable taxes on World Cup 2022 tickets by the official FIFA website, where you can need to register and an create account on FIFA’s ticket portal.

World Cup 2022 Packages Cost?

LocationPackagesDatePrices From
Millennium Plaza DohaGroup Stage20-27 Nov or 27 Nov -Dec 4$10,775
Dusit DohaGroup StageNov 20-27 or Nov 27-Dec 4$11,425
St. Regis DohaGroup StageNov 20-27 or Nov 27-Dec 4$15,375
Ritz-Carlton, Doha,Group StageNov 20-27 or Nov 27-Dec 4$16,435
Millennium Plaza DohaRound 16, QuarterfinalDecember 4 – 11$9,275
Dusit DohaRound 16, QuarterfinalDecember 4 – 11$9,965
St. Regis DohaRound 16, QuarterfinalDecember 4 – 11$13,685
Ritz-Carlton, Doha,Round 16, QuarterfinalDecember 4 – 11$14,725
Millennium Plaza DohaFollow Your Team————————-$18,145
Dusit DohaFollow Your Team————————-$19,385
St. Regis DohaFollow Your Team————————-$26,265
Ritz-Carlton, Doha,Follow Your Team————————-$28,345
Millennium Plaza DohaFinals WeekDecember 11 – 19$16,850
Dusit DohaFinals WeekDecember 11 – 19$18,920
St. Regis DohaFinals WeekDecember 11 – 19$24,195
Ritz-CarltonFinals WeekDecember 11 – 19$25,365

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