2026 FIFA World Cup Bracket

Fifa World Cup is fixed to return with a significantly brand new format in 2026. Football Association announced its biggest show on earth will take place from 11th June to 19th July for the first time in three nations. Introducing the new timetable for the World Cup 2026 makes a new experience for us. However, get updated on who will clinch the round of sixteen, quarter-final, semifinal, and final with play-by-play results and much more latest you need to know.

How the 2026 FIFA World Cup bracket does work?

FIFA Council approved 48 teams, there are 12 groups of four teams that will serve in the 2026 Fifa World Cup 104 games. The top two teams from each group and the eight best third-placed teams will be able to reach the round of 32 which is also a knockout stage. 16 Winning teams from the round of 32 will play in the quarter-finals. 8 winning teams from the quarter-finals will play in the semifinals, and the losers will play in the third-place playoff. Two semi-final winners will battle for the Fifa World Cup title in 2026.

How Round of 36 does work?

In the round of 36, you can see Group A winner will face the runners-up in Group C in a knockout match. The same for each group the Group E winner will take runners-up Group G, the Group C winner will play against Group A runners-up, the Group G winner against Group E runners-up, the Group B winner vs. Group D runners-up, the Group F winner vs. Group H runners-up, Group D winner vs Group B Runners-up, and Group H winner will face Group F Runners-up to finish the Round of 32 in the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

How Quarter-finals does work?

In the quarter-finals round, the winner of the match between the Winner 145 match vs Winner match 147, and Winner matches 146 will face the Winner match 148 in the Quarter-finals round. The Winner of Match 149 faced the Winner of Match 151 and the Winner of match 150 will play in the Winner match 152 Quarter-final round.

How Semi-finals does work?

In the first semi-final round, the winner of the 1st match of the Quarter-finals round will face the 2nd match-winner of the Quarter-finals round, and the winner of the 3rd match of the Quarter-finals round will take 4th match-winner of the Quarter-finals round in the 2026 World Cup.

How third-place play-off does work?

Two semi-final losers will face third-place and fourth-place play-off games in the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

How final does work?

The semi-final 1 winners will play against the semi-final 2 and they move to the 2026 fifa world cup final championship game.