FIFA Men’s World Cup Winners List and History

FIFA World Cup competition is the highest prestigious sporting tournament on the planet. The World Cup champion as a nation is called by the best team in the world.

You can see over 200 nations are playing soccer internationally and competing for the FIFA World Cup but only 32 teams are qualified for the tournament. But only Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, France, Spain, and England are the only nation that has the World Cup of all countries.

Brazil’s national men’s football team wins five World Cup titles who mostly known as the most successful soccer team. Here we have listed past history of the World Cup winners since it begins.

YearTeamsHostChampionRunner UpThird PlaceMatches
201832RussiaFrance (4-2)CroatiaBelgium64
201432BrazilGermany (1-0) (a.e.t.)ArgentinaNetherlands64
201032South AfricaSpain (1-0) (a.e.t.)NetherlandsGermany64
200632GermanyItaly (1-1) (a.e.t.) (5-3 pen.)FranceGermany64
200232South Korea, JapanBrazil (2-0)GermanyTurkey64
199832FranceFrance (3-0)BrazilCroatia64
199424United StatesBrazil (0-0 (a.e.t.) (3-2 pen.)ItalySweden52
199024ItalyWest Germany (1-0)ArgentinaItaly52
198624MexicoArgentina (3-2)West GermanyFrance52
198224SpainItaly (3-1)West GermanyPoland52
197816ArgentinaArgentina (3-1) (a.e.t.)NetherlandsBrazil38
197416West GermanyWest Germany (2-1)NetherlandsPoland38
197016MexicoBrazil (4-1)ItalyWest Germany32
196616EnglandEngland (4-2) (a.e.t.)West GermanyPortugal32
196216ChileBrazil (3-1)CzechoslovakiaChile32
195816SwedenBrazil (5-2)SwedenFrance35
195416SwitzerlandWest Germany (3-2)HungaryAustria26
195013BrazilUruguay (2-1) [n 3]BrazilSweden22
193815FranceItaly (4-2)HungaryBrazil18
193416ItalyItaly (2-1) (a.e.t.)CzechoslovakiaGermany17
193013UruguayUruguay (4-2)ArgentinaUnited States16

*Match was won during the extra time (a.e.t.)
*Match was won on a penalty shoot-out (pen.)