England vs Germany results

England and Germany played each other in the international matches under FIFA 34 times in soccer history. England 14 games and Germany won 15 games in their all-time meeting including tie scores here listed below.

Germany leading the all-time series 15-14-5.

Germany vs England10 May 19303-3 (Tied)
England vs Germany04 Dec 19353-0 (England)
Germany vs England14 May 19383-6 (England)
England vs West Germany01 Dec 19543-1 (England)
Germany vs England26 May 19561-3 (England)
West Germany vs England12 May 19650-1 (England)
England vs West Germany23 Feb 19661-0 (England)
England vs Germany30 Jul 19664-2 (England)
West Germany vs England01 Jun 19681-0 (Germany)
Germany vs England14 Jun 19703-2 (Germany)
England vs Germany29 Apr 19721-3 (Germany)
Germany vs England13 May 19720-0 (Tied)
England vs West Germany12 Mar 19752-0 (England)
West Germany vs England22 Feb 19782-1 (Germany)
England vs Germany29 Jun 19820-0 (Tied)
England vs West Germany13 Oct 19821-2 (Germany)
England vs West Germany12 Jun 19853-0 (England)
West Germany vs England09 Sep 19873-1 (Germany)
Germany vs England04 Jul 19901-1 (Germany)
England vs Germany11 Sep 19910-1 (Germany)
England vs Germany19 Jun 19931-2 (Germany)
England vs Germany26 Jun 19961-1 (Germany)
England vs Germany17 Jun 20001-0 (England)
England vs Germany07 Oct 20000-1 (Germany)
Germany vs England01 Sep 20011-5 (England)
England vs Germany22 Aug 20071-2 (Germany)
Germany vs England19 Nov 20081-2 (England)
Germany vs England27 Jun 20104-1 (Germany)
England vs Germany19 Nov 20130-1 (Germany)
Germany vs England26 Mar 20162-3 (England)
Germany vs England22 Mar 20171-0 (Germany)
England vs Germany10 Nov 20170-0 (Tied)
England vs Germany29 Jun 20212-0 (England)
Germany vs England07 Jun 20221-1 (Tied)

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