2022 Portugal Current Squad

Portugal national football team in the 2022 Qatar World Cup as a qualified team from the UEFA confederation. After the draw, the nation is set in Group H to compete against South Korea, Ghana, and Uruguay.

Who is the current head coach of Portugal?

Fernando Santos is the current head coach for the team.

Who is holding the captaincy?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the current captain of the Portugal men’s national football team.

Here we have rounded up everything about Portugal who is the goalkeeper today, defender, forward, striker, midfield position you need to know.


Rui PatrícioG346′ 3″183 lbsPortugal
José SáG296′ 4″183 lbsPortugal
Diogo CostaG226′ 1″179 lbsPortugal

Outfield Players

PepeD396′ 2″179 lbsPortugal
José FonteD386′ 2″179 lbsPortugal
Cédric SoaresD305′ 8″148 lbsPortugal
Raphaël GuerreiroD285′ 7″157 lbsPortugal
João CanceloD276′ 0″161 lbsPortugal
Diogo DalotD236′ 0″168 lbsPortugal
Tiago DjalóD226′ 3″Portugal
Nuno MendesD195′ 9″152 lbsPortugal
Gonçalo InacioD206′ 1″172 lbsPortugal
Joao MoutinhoM355′ 7″132 lbsPortugal
Danilo PereiraM306′ 2″183 lbsPortugal
Bruno FernandesM275′ 10″150 lbsPortugal
William CarvalhoM306′ 2″172 lbsPortugal
OtávioM275′ 7″141 lbsPortugal
Bernardo SilvaM275′ 8″139 lbsPortugal
VitinhaM225′ 8″139 lbsPortugal
Matheus NunesM236′ 0″168 lbsPortugal
Goncalo GuedesM255′ 10″150 lbsPortugal
Diogo JotaF255′ 10″150 lbsPortugal
André SilvaF266′ 1″183 lbsPortugal
Cristiano RonaldoF376′ 2″183 lbsPortugal
Rafael LeãoF226′ 2″179 lbsPortugal
João FélixF225′ 11″152 lbsPortugal

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